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About Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

Chestnut Hill includes portions of the City of Newton and Town of Brookline located near Route 9/Boylston Street, Boston College, and the border with the City of Boston.

The Chestnut Hill Historic District includes residential portions of the village, while the commercial activities in Chestnut Hill are primarily the regional shopping malls on Route 9. Chestnut Hill is an affluent New England village located six miles (10 km) west of downtown Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

Like all Massachusetts villages, Chestnut Hill is not an incorporated municipal entity. Unlike most Massachusetts villages, it encompasses parts of three separate municipalities, each located in a different county: the town of Brookline in Norfolk County; the city of Boston in Suffolk County (parts of its neighborhoods of Brighton and West Roxbury), and the city of Newton in Middlesex County.

Chestnut Hill’s borders are roughly defined by the 02467 ZIP Code. Chestnut Hill is not a topographical designation; the name refers to several small hills that overlook the 135-acre (546,000 m²) Chestnut Hill Reservoir rather than one particular hill.

Chestnut Hill is best known as the home of Boston College, part of the Boston Marathon route, as well as the Collegiate Gothic canvas of landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted.

Chestnut Hill Demographics


  • African American 3% 3%
  • Asian or Pacific Islander 18% 18%
  • Mixed Races 2% 2%
  • Others 1% 1%
  • White 77% 77%


  • 9 Years Old or Under 9% 9%
  • 10 to 17 Years Old 18% 18%
  • 18 to 24 Years Old 34% 34%
  • 25 to 39 Years Old 11% 11%
  • 40 to 64 Years Old 26% 26%
  • 65 Years Old or Over 12% 12%
  • Female 55% 55%
  • Male 45% 45%


  • Arts/Entertainment 8% 8%
  • Construction 1% 1%
  • Education/Health 38% 38%
  • Finance/Real Estate 8% 8%
  • Information 3% 3%
  • Manufacturing 7% 7%
  • Others 4% 4%
  • Professional 20% 20%
  • Retail/Wholesale 8% 8%
  • Transportation/Warehousing 1% 1%
  • Public Administration 2% 2%

Chestnut Hill, MA Schools

There are 2 public schools and 5 private schools in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.  Boston College is also centered in a sprawling campus in Chestnut Hill.

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Featured Chestnut Hill Videos

Birds of Newton in Chestnut Hill, MA


Chestnut Hill, MA Real Estate in a Nutshell

Median List Price : $2,399,000
Median House Size : 4,800
Median $ / Sq. Ft. : $561
Homes for Sale : 37
Recently Sold Homes : 42
Schools : 7

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Chestnut Hill Employment

Median Income Under 25 $41,903
Median Income 25-44 $95,588
Median Income 45-64 $145,075
Median Income Over 65 $107,087

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Chestnut Hill News

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