Today, we pause to reflect and remember. Twenty-two Boston College Alumni were killed on Sept. 11, 2001. Our memorial labyrinth’s outer ring bears their names and has become a place of healing, consolation and peace.

We pray for the families and all those who lost loved ones on that day: for Patrick M. Aranyos ’97, Bryan C. Bennett ’98, Thomas M. Brennan ’91, John B. Cahill ’66, Kevin P. Connors ’68, Welles Remy Crowther ’99, Danielle A. Delie ’76, John J. Doherty ’66, Thomas J. Fitzpatrick ’87, Christopher J. Hanley ’88, Gary Lasko ’73, Sean P. Lynch ’89, Stacey Sennas McGowan ’85, Daniel W. McNeal ’94, William G. Minardi ’77, Peter J. Mulligan ’95, John J. Murray ’90, Edward J. Papa ’76, Bradley H. Vadas ’86, Edward R. Vanacore ’94, MS ’95, Joseph G. Visciano ’01 and Kevin M. Williams ’99.

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