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New Day

Gary Gulman '93 appeared on CNN's New Day this morning to talk about his battle with depression and how comedy has helped him - and can hopefully help others. "I was convinced at that point that even if I didn't make mental illness funny, it would be a valiant...

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The power of art

The power of art

Angela Liu '22 initiated and funded a service trip to China she while in high school. Now a student in the Carroll School of Management at BC, she has created a series of oil paintings in an exhibit called "The Power of Art." A service trip to China inspired Boston...

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JRS-STM Partnership

JRS-STM Partnership

Jesuit Refugee Service - JRS and Boston College School of Theology and Ministry have partnered to develop a faith-based reconciliation training program in response to more than one million people fleeing South Sudan for Uganda, where refugees now live with other...

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