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About South Boston, Massachusetts

South Boston Neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts

boston-harbor-seaport-districtSouth Boston, Massachusetts is a densely populated neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, located south and east of the Fort Point Channel and abutting Dorchester Bay. South Boston, most popularly known as Southie, was once a predominantly working class Irish Catholic community, but has become increasingly desirable among young professionals and families.

South Boston contains Dorchester Heights, where George Washington forced British troops to evacuate during the American Revolutionary War.

South Boston has undergone gentrification, and consequently, its real estate market has seen property values join the highest in the city. South Boston has also left its mark on history with Boston busing desegregation. South Boston is also home to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, a celebration of the Irish-American culture and the Evacuation Day observance.

Waterfront redevelopment

The South Boston Waterfront, or The Seaport, in a massive renaissance, has exploded in recent years. Considered “the hottest, fastest-growing real estate market in the country”, the Waterfront has seen an enormous construction boom.

The “Innovation District,” as ex-mayor Tom Menino termed it, is now home to several new office towers, residential buildings, and “innovation labs” either proposed or under construction.

marine-wharf-hotel-summer-marine-seaportThe South Boston Waterfront area is part of the Port of Boston on Boston Harbor. While the area is not clearly defined, the Fort Point Channel forms one border and some parts of the area are also included in Fort Point neighborhood, an older, more historic term.

According to the Boston Seaport website, the Seaport/South Boston Waterfront has 78 restaurants, 8 hotels, and continues to grow.

The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center straddles D Street. The Seaport Hotel and Seaport World Trade Center is located on Commonwealth Pier. A new home for the Institute of Contemporary Art hangs over Boston Harbor just north of Northern Avenue. The John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse is on Fan Pier.

As of September 2010, the Seaport Square project was also under planning. It was expected to cost $3 billion and replace parking lots between the federal courth

Seaport Square, or Boston Seaport is a master planned project that spans 8.5 million square feet and 23 acres of land.  Upon completion in 2020, Seaport Square is expected to develop into twenty blocks of retail, business, and residential space, knitting together the Financial District, Waterfront, Fort Point Channel and Fan Pier.

The area is anticipated to include five new streets, over 20 buildings, and four prominent public gathering areas. It will offer approximately 2.6 million square feet of residences, 3,000 residential units, 1.3 million square feet of retail master developed by WS Development, 1.3 million square feet of offices, 2.2 million square feet of below ground parking spaces for 6,000 cars, 850,000 square feet of hotel space, 1,000 hotel rooms, and 250,000 square feet feet of cultural, civic and education space.  



Boston, MA Demographics

South Boston was traditionally an Irish working-class neighborhood ever since the Irish migrated to Boston due to the Great Famine that occurred in Ireland. Once a predominantly Irish Catholic community, in recent years South Boston has become increasingly desirable among young professionals and families who are attracted to the neighborhood’s strong sense of community and quick access to downtown and public transportation. South Boston has a population of about 33,311. The median age is about 32.

The most recent caucus estimates South Boston’s total population at 33,688. The Caucasian population is about 26,700 (79.2%). A total amount of 2,789 (8.3%) Hispanic people is counted. African American population is about 1,926 (5.7%). The Asian population makes up 4.8% (1,603). 466 people are of non-hispanic mixed race (1.4%) and 190 people (0.6%) are identified as Others (i.e. American Indians and groups not otherwise categorized).



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Welcome to Snowport, Seaport’s new Winter Village and Boston’s best winter destination in partnership with Fjällräven & Capital One Café, the interactive winterland features a 3,000 square foot ice skating rink and an array of complimentary winter activities including iceless curling,... read more

Inc. Magazine

Love having our own innovation community at District Hall Boston: where startup ecosystems, hackathons, & workshops to foster successful ideas are just the beginning. When it comes to nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs don't overlook the value of collisions. read more

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